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The Second Brain’s First of the Month Club

Do you enjoy cooking? Do you love the benefits of good nutrition? Now you can share your passion for this as part of The Second Brain’s First of the Month Club. 

You can share and promote your healthy dishes in various ways to attract more folks to your personalized healthy dishes through our Monthly Challenges.

Each month will bring with it a different challenge, and winners will be determined through voting. The contestant with the most votes by the end of each month will receive a reward of a 30-minute Virtual Second Brain session. So just what are these challenges? They are listed below. When doing these challenges, you will be provided with a prompt on what dish to prepare. 

Do you love to take pictures of your food and post them on social media? You can participate in our Foodtography Challenge and engage with contestants by sharing photos of your prepared meal.  

Have you ever wanted to see just how popular your recipes are? Please participate in our Great Recipe Race to compete with contestants on the most popular recipe of the month.

How would you like to present your meals to people themselves through tastings? Please participate in our TasteMakers Challenge and get folks to sample your meals in healthy competition with others! 

If you are interested, the challenges with prompts will be posted every month on our Facebook page. 

Please join us in taking community nutrition to the next level.

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