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First and foremost, I’m grateful to my family and my Godmum (Dr. Vicki Karant) for being with me every step of the way. To my wonderful supporters at Brooklyn Community Services, hands-on heart, thank you –

Rose Sauls, LMSW, a visionary and a loving caregiver for many. The Healthy Brain Toolkit program wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for her, who believe in the spirit of teamwork by raising the bar for providing a higher standard of care.

Janelle Anderson, LMSW, a lovely woman with a big heart, who encourages me to pursue my passion.

Juned Abdullah, a wonderful friend and colleague who recognizes the positives in others.  He always encourages me to keep going. Juned helps with writing the content of this blog.

Jim Johnson, Emad Seyam, Jeanette Campbell, Toya McGhee, Emad, Shanice Jones, and Lesha Daniels for making each lesson a success.  They care for their residents like their own family and support them to reach their potential.

PROS Program Director Amy Desautels and staff: Esther Mayteles, Laura Gwinnell, Ivy Peckman, Youshell Williams, Ivy Hanfling, Quiana Ware, Brittany Yearwood, and Whittney Young working together to empower the participants’ mental health and emotional wellness.

Thank you for my supporters in the US and abroad:

Alex Clark, who works a full-time job while studying for his Ph.D. but still finds time to volunteer for BCS and teach me how to troubleshoot my blog.

Benjamin Kliot, MD, FACEP, a genuine problem-solver and unwavering support of my visions.

David J. Robertson, who overcame his own challenges and empowered others through meditation and insights on mindfulness.

Franco Cheng, a relentless crew and life coach.

Matthew Moore, a friend for his wisdom and for being my fabulous photographer.

Michael Whiteman and Rozanne Gold is a dream team. Rozanne, an award-winning chef, an author, a teacher, and a beautiful mentor.  Her passion for creating simple and nutritious recipes has inspired me to learn and do more.  We are blessed to have her support in improving participants’ well-being.

Sushil Thakur, a great friend who never stop believing in me. He said he knows even when I fall, I’ll always come back up.

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